In 2006 a new range of RCF Monitor series is setting the standard for a new century of ultra‑compact speaker systems. These new boxes have all the pedigree of earlier models, but an innovative manufacturing approach makes the new Monitor Q series more affordable, without loosing the RCF edge in performance and flexibility.

MQ 100L 3 Way Column Loudspeaker

RCF's MQ 100L (available in black and white) is a 3 way column loudspeaker providing natural hi-fidelity sound of both speech and music, suitable for ... More

MQ 30P Pneumatic Suspension Loudspeaker

The MQ 30P is an orient-able, two-way mini-speaker. More

MQ 50 Two-way Bass-reflex Loudspeaker

MQ 50 is a monitor speaker suitable for constant directivity installation applications. More

MQ 50C Two-way High-efficiency Monitor

Compact design, light weight and limited depth makes the RCF MQ 50C, two-way ceiling monitor loudspeakers ideal for use in any PA systems and backgrou... More

MQ 60H Two-way Bass-reflex Loudspeaker

MQ 60H is a wall-mount monitor speaker designed to guarantee uniform coverage of a large area, in order to limit the number of speakers and therefore ... More

MQ 80P Indoor/outdoor Two-way Speaker

High intelligibility, high efficiency and compact design make the RCF MQ 80P two-way horn-loaded sound projector speaker system the ideal solution to ... More

MQ 90S Compact Sub-Woofer

The MQ 90S subwoofer is innovative and compact. Unlike competing models, requiring all of the satellite speakers to be wired directly to the subwoofer... More

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