Alpha-e is engineered with the same advanced materials, high output transducers, sophisticated waveguides and comprehensive hardware system that have made the Alpha System a world standard in concert touring. The Alpha-e Series is available in two formats; the Alpha-e F full range cabinet or the Alpha-e M Mid/Hi with the B1-18 bass, which together exhibit identical characteristics to the Alpha-e F in a two-box configuration for maximum flexibility.

ALPHA-e B1-18 Bass Module

The AlphaE B1-18 can be stacked or flown together in arrays with Alpha M3, M8 and S2 and AlphaE-M cabinets. More

ALPHA-e F Full-range Module

The AlphaE -F provides high power, full-range audio reproduction via a composite curve, folded horn loaded 18" LF driver, an exponential horn loa... More

AlphaE -M Mid-Hi Module

AlphaE -M uses an exponential horn loaded 10" MF driver and a constant directivity horn loaded 2" HF driver giving 75° x 30° dispers... More

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