The RCF ACUSTICA Compact Series is a highly advanced line up of compact near field two way direct radiating loudspeaker systems offering dedicated models with focused horn directivity, designed for both portable and permanent installation applications. It represent a no-compromise design and construction, offering a very natural sound in live situations and recorded music.

C3108 Two-way Passive 300-w Woofer 8"

The C3108 is a full-range, two-way passive system, which is extremely compact and light, providing natural sound reproduction More

C3110 Two-way Passive 300-w Woofer 10"

The C3110 is a full-range two-way passive system, which is compact and light, providing very high output, smooth and dynamic reproduction. More

C5212 (W/L) Two-way Passive 500-w Woofer 12"

C5212 is an extended full-range two-way passive system providing very high output, and smooth, dynamic reproduction. More

C5215 (W/L) Two-way Passive 500-w Woofer 15"

C5215 is a full-range two-way passive system, compact and powerful, providing very high output and smooth, dynamic reproduction. It can be used in ful... More

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