The complete range of the ART 7 Series is composed of five two-way active speakers and two high power subwoofers models. All the loudspeakers are equipped with a new generation of 750 Watt digital amplifiers, neodymium transducers and compression drivers. The subwoofers models include a newly designed 1000 Watt digital amplifier.

ART 710-A Two Way Speaker System

Your tour schedule is fixed and most of the venues are small and crowded places? More

ART 712-A 2-way Active Speaker System

You need to amplify some speech, recorded music and finish the show with a live set? More

ART 715-A 2-way Active Speaker System

Tired of worrying about the fact that the voice isn't cutting through the mix on the stage? More

ART 725-A 2-way Active Speaker System

Looking for a portable system that delivers a superb house kicking sound? More

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