The PS10 and LS500 are extremely light and compact. NEXO\'s Active Full range Processing enables a 2-way passive 8Ω design to deliver bi-amped performance using just one amplifier channel for less money, space and complexity.

LS600 Sub-Bass

Nexo LS600 Sub-Bass extends the VLF of PS10 systems to 38Hz. More

Nexo PS10 Accessories

Nexo PS10 accessories are specialised for touring and installation. More

NXAMP Amplifier PS10 Series

Nexo NXAMP technology is far more complex than a bundled power amplifier and loudspeaker controller. More

PS10-R2 Multi-function Loudspeaker

PS10-R2 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with over 500 Watts of amplifier power, yet it is only half the weight and volume of common trapezoidal syste... More

PS10-TDController Analogue TDcontroller

PS10 TDController analogue processor allows the PS10 Loudspeaker and optional LS600 Subwoofer to achieve exceptional performance from small packages. More

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