Developed in conjunction with leading PA hire companies, field tested in France, the UK and Singapore, the GEO T Series has re-defined high output sound reinforcement. With its unique cardioid dipole mid-bass, as well as the GEO Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource™, GEO T displays today\'s most advanced, most efficient and most accurate sound reinforcement technology.

Nexo Geo T Series Accessories

Accessories for Nexo Geo T Series products. More

Nexo GEO T2815 Tangent Array Module

Like its long-throw partner, the T4805, the innovative T2815 Tangent Array Module incorporates the patent-pending GEO Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesourc... More

Nexo GEO T4805 Tangent Array Module

T4805 Vertical Tangent Array Module incorporates the Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource, the Configurable Directivity Flange, the Directivity Phase Dev... More

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