The GEO toolbox includes GEOSoft - a simple yet powerful and highly predictive design tool. The array assembly system is keyed to the design software and will easily enable you to deploy your design with great precision.

Nexo GEO D and GEO SUB Series Accessories

Accessories for Nexo GEO D and GEO SUB series products More

Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Array Module

The high-output D10 array module is centerpiece to NEXO's GEO D vertical tangent array system. More

Nexo GEO SUB Directional Sub-bass

When flown, up to 16x deep, GEO SUB arrays provide a sub and subwoofer system for GEO D, GEO S or GEO T, effectively crossing over as high as 300Hz. More

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