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DiGiCo D1-Live Goes Wild Up North

Having recently taken delivery of a brand-spanking new DiGiCo D1-Live Digital Mixing Console, the crew at Queensland production company Wild Gravity could not be more pleased with the purchase.

After watching the development of digital consoles for a number of years, Wild Gravity’s Director, Noel Anthony reckons he’s finally found a digital console that is, “an acceptable size for a multitude of applications, with the features I require”. Given that most corporate shows do not allow you much space, even in a ballroom, Noel demanded a console with a small footprint with as much information on the surface as possible, and packed full of features. “I wanted one platform where I could plug it in and turn it on, this is what the D1 provides me. I do still need to bring a CD player, but apart from that, it has all my needs covered”, said Noel.

As far as ease-of-use goes, Noel had this to say, “The first time I lay my hands on a D1 I would not allow anyone to show me how it worked. I figured if I could not get it to go, I would not buy it. Within fifteen minutes we had audio, and even better, when you do have someone show you a few things, it is then you realise just how much the console can do with the limitless amount of configurations. The only thing better a D1-Live would be owning two of them”.

Noel: the proud owner of his company’s first D1-Live
Noel: the proud owner of his company’s first D1-Live

The delivery of the D1 Console and coaxial multi-core has proved to be a popular choice for Wild Gravity crew, as it was only in the country one day before it went on a five week tour. “The ability to prepare the console with offline software gains valuable time on show days and the ability to recall everything makes multi-band shows a breeze”, says Noel.

Wild Gravity specialises in the production of sound, lighting, theming, audio-visual transport and ground support. They have offices in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.

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