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Skilled Stadium: tough on champions but Quest plays on in all weather

The concrete is dry and the season is long finished for the year at Geelong’s Skilled Stadium. Formerly known as Kardinia Park, the recently redeveloped Skilled Stadium has been Geelong Football Club’s home ground for the past 60 years. Located 75 kilometers south-west of Melbourne but only a kilometers from the Geelong city centre, Skilled Stadium is a modern 27,000 capacity stadium and now features all the modern necessities expected in an electronic media friendly AFL ground.

The New Eastern stand is modern and comfortable.

The redevelopment of Skilled Stadium has been six years in the making and one new and welcome finishing touch to the new Eastern stand is the Quest Engineering sound system. Thirty four Quest MS and MT801 series boxes set to their 100V line setting reproduce commentary, music and the passion hysteria of that winning or occasionally losing moment.

Tucked away in the roof but the coverage makes it all the way. You wouldn’t believe it is coming from an 8” box.

Quest is not new to the Geelong Football Club. Some previous renovations have seen reliable full bandwidth service from Quest, including a number of Quest QS 350 speakers that have survived happily in an outside location for the last three years. Sun, rain, unfavourable umpiring, they’ve copped it all with the usual Quest reliability and performance. As usual, you just can’t kill them.

The new MS series is water and U/V resistant. The alloy metal parts will resist corrosion so they will work just as reliably out in the rain.
The 100V tapings make running multiples easy.


It looks like rain. The QS series are generally installed inside nightclubs and band venues but as any hire company user will tell you, they’ll survive in the toughest environments.

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