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Group Technologies was recently appointed the exclusive distributor of Germany’s Adam Audio in Australia and as such is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the entire range of Adam Audio Studio Monitors featuring the incredible Advanced Ribbon Technology (A.R.T.) tweeter. Adam’s revolutionary approach to monitor design sets the entire range of studio monitors apart from anything else on the market today and with one listen you will be blown away.

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# CAP: A close-up of the ART Tweeter from Adam Audio: It sounds so sweet

Adam studio monitors are state-of-the-art, no compromise speakers intended for audio engineers who are interested in the truest possible reproduction of their recordings. ADAM monitors have been constructed with one design objective only: to achieve the most realistic sound quality for each speaker in the line.

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# CAP: The incredible sounding Adam A7 Studio Monitor

The first thing you notice when you listen to an Adam studio monitor is the natural sounding top end. This makes acoustic instruments and voice sound so realistic, you won’t want to listen to a conventional horn or dome tweeter loaded top end ever again. The mids and bass are both stunning as well, but the top end is where the magic happens.

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# CAP: The Artist from Adam, designed for PC use

The top-end transducers are all manufactured in the Adam factory in Berlin and are described under the heading of Accelerated Ribbon Technology. The A.R.T. tweeters and midrange units take a completely new approach in kinematics (the branch of physics that deals with the characteristics of different kinds of pure motion without reference to mass or to the causes of that motion) to move air and improve the quality of music reproduction. Based on the original works of Dr. Oskar Heil, who invented his "Air Motion Transformer" back in 1972, Adam has refined and developed new electro acoustic transducers that are based on improved layouts and new materials.

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# CAP: Adam’s S3-A Nearfiled Studio Monitor.

Used in some of the best studios in the world, including Abbey Road, 54 Sound, 20th Century Fox Digital and Universal Studios, the range comprises of the more recently release A-Series, P-Series and S-Series Nearfield monitors, along with Midfield, Main, Sub-woofers and the MP-1 Mastering Piece.

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# CAP: The Adam MP-1 Mastering Piece.

The full lineup of Adam Audio Studio Monitors products is available to view on the Group Technologies web site and further information about A.R.T. technology can be found at Contact Group Technologies for more information including the location of your nearest Adam Audio reseller.

Finally, an in depths look at the A.R.T tweeter and the technology behind it is featured in this edition of Filter.

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