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April 2011

It's been a while between Filter's but that's only because we've been so darn busy. DiGiCo has gone to town and unleashed two new consoles - both of which are absolutely drool worthy. Xilica has been busy adding to its range with a very clever speaker management system, RCF's ART4 has made its way into the desert and Frankfurt is kicking off with a world of new products on show. Need we say more?

January 2011

We trust the new year has been good to you all so far, its certainly been busy off the cuff for us. With the festive season behind us, new products are in the pipeline across the board this year. As to what this year will be for the industry is under some debate, but the general consensus is that its going to be flat chat! So, take a breather because you deserve it and sink your teeth into the first Filter for 2011!

December 2010

Where on earth did the year go? As we wrap up and reflect, we're just reminded about how much is on the horizon. The industry shows no signs of slowing and 2011 is set to be a booming year filled with exciting new products and innovations. From everyone at Group Technologies, thank you very much for all of your support - Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

November 2010

It's a good thing too. We've been pretty busy and the extra hours of daylight have allowed us to squeeze a little bit more out of every day. New Camco and RCF toys are now available and Nexo has released some brilliant software to get professionals simulating installations easily. It's all here and another year is just about done already!

October 2010

The sun has already started teasing us with promises of a warm summer and amidst the beers, numerous projects are on the go alluding to an extremely busy summer for pro audio. RCF has continued to innovate whilst Nexo prepares to bring its next generation foldback monitor to the Aussie market. Get your gas bottle refilled because the barby will be running non-stop in the coming months! Read on!

September 2010

As two companies that focus on sitting on the cutting edge of technology, Nexo and DiGiCo both launched impressive new products just days ago at London's Plasa 2010. Nexo has brought a revolutionary new concept to stage monitoring and DiGiCo have added a pair of impressive new toys to expand connectivity with their consoles. Exciting times, so - on with the news!

August 2010

Amidst the mayhem so far this month, we've managed to cultivate a collection of commercial products to put on show at Integrate just for you. Quest will be discussing loudspeakers on the AT World stage and we'll be bringing an SD9 along because just about everyone has asked us to! So, enjoy the read and we'll see you in Sydney at Integrate 2010!

July 2010

With the end of financial year chaos behind, new projects have started to come scurrying in. Xilica, RCF and Camco have brought new toys to the playpen, DiGiCo's SD9 is making its mark around the country, Nexo's delivered a BIG sub and Quest have various new products in development. It’s all happening for this financial year... Giddy Up!

June 2010

We’ve made it to Issue 2 of Filter and the feedback from the first issue was really great. The SD9’s have been coming in and flying out the door faster than we can get them! RCF have released another steerable product, this time for commercial use; and Quest has been refining their new box which is set to turn heads. It just keeps coming so we keep bringing it to you... Dig in!

May 2010

Its been some time but we've finally managed to get it together and bring Filter back! My name is Anthony (Anf), I'm Group Tech's new fella in the hot seat and I plan on making Filter a reasonably regular affair from now on. Expect only the best in industry and product news as well as our Guess Who mini trivia at the bottom of every issue. So, grab a coffee (or a beer) and have a read. Enjoy!

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