Nexo Finds the Festival of Love

Described by officials as "the biggest party the city has ever organized", the Stockholm Love Festival kickstarted on the 6th of june, two full weeks ahead of the long-anticipated Royal Wedding of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel West. PA rental company Starlight serviced one of the main stages with a GEO T/GEO S12 system.

The Skeppsbroscene venue, at the waterside next to Stockholm's royal castle, played host to some of the biggest international and Swedish artists. The star-studded opening concert was broadcast live on Swedish television, featuring Katie Melua, Eric Gadd, Miss Li, Timo Räisänen, Johnossi and Cookies n Beans on stage.


Crowd Shot at the 2010 Love Festival


Starlight installed GEO T left and right of the stage, each array flanked by a GEO S12 system, both of which were supported by two stacks of CD-18s. A huge crowd spread out across a very wide area, but thanks to Starlight’s design, even those on the fringes got to experience and hear the show with the best possible sound system.


A stage shot at the 2010 Love Festival

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