Nexo Geo T Dominates UK Festivals in 2003

The "All New" Nexo Geo-T system is fast completing it's dominance of the UK festival circuit. This year it has become THE system for these important outdoor events!

GEO-T and Oasis in Hamburg - Chris Beale comments:

"I am pleased to announce that Geo-T supplied by SSE has been officially confirmed for the main stage at Glastonbury Festival 2003. In 2002 V-dosc was used for the first time however Geo-T has been selected in preference for superior performance and advantages provided by Geo-T cardioids mid/bass features. This factor is of particular importance because environmental noise issues affected performance sound levels at the festival last year. The contract for Glastonbury festival completes SSE's domination of the UK festival market and, in 2003, the domination of Geo-T as well.

The key festivals at which the system will be featured are:

  • Homelands 2003
  • Winchester 2003
  • Castle Donington (Monsters of Rock)
  • Glastonbury Festival (main stage)
  • T in the Park 2003, Scotland (This is the 10th birthday of the festival)
  • Cropredy Festival 2003
  • V2003 at Chelmsford and Telford (These are the Virgin festivals and, next to Glastonbury, the largest festivals in the UK)
  • Reading Festival 2003
  • Leeds Festival 2003
  • Glasgow Green 2003
  • More major shows are also confirming with Geo-T


Nexo Dominates


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