Johnston Audio Services Australia Takes on Nexo Geo T

Johnston Audio Services Melbourne has taken delivery of the Nexo Geo T system. Bruce Johnston (Director) made his choice after many year's touring and evaluating what was on the market with real world judgment. Not all of us have the opportunity to go and do a 10,000 to 100,000 punter gig to evaluative a audio system before you buy it. Having toured the world and of course coming across just about all of the products on the market.

Bruce made his choice firstly as a sound guy (sound quality is the reason we buy these things) and secondly due to the cardiod operation of the system. Bruce knowing full well that noise pollution problems were an ever increasing issue with all outdoor events, he needed a system which would not only deliver power and sonic quality to his customers, but also a system which would be future proof for many years to come.


Johnston Takes Geo T


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