RCF Releases Paintable Wall Speaker

The new PLF 30 is an extremely compact ceiling speaker suitable for applications where a quality speaker is required with limited installation space and virtually zero visual impact. The PLF 30 is a flush-mount 3" ceiling loudspeaker complete with an internal transformer allowing direct connection to 70V or 100V lines.

Installation is extremely simple as the PLF30 possess 2 spring clips which lock the speaker in place without the requirement for tools or additional attachments.

The front of the PFL 30 can be painted in any colour and its flush faced diaphragm makes it a complete chameleon when installed.

The PLF 30 is the perfect solution where the audio installation must conform to strict decorator guidelines or architectural design requirements. It is ideal for countless venues including boutiques, hotels, restaurants, bars etc.

Due to its extra-wide dispersion (over 160°), large areas can be covered easily with only a few speakers, delivering smooth and even acoustic response in a highly efficient manner.



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