Brisbane Convention & Entertainment Centre Installs Humantechnik

Group Technologies has in the past referred to the value and installation cost saving of the Humantechnik ProloopLOS (A-4252-0) low overspill loop amplifier.

A great example of this is shown in the installation of 19 Proloop LOS units into the BCEC based on designs provided by Humantechnik GmbH Germany and installed by Rutledge Engineering Brisbane. Design criteria were, as to be expected, quite precise with all rooms having to meet the AS 60118.4 standard with a maximum background noise of -32 dB (A). A nearby power sub-station and other 3 phase influences also had to be taken into account for the install.


Humantechnik LOS Used at BCEC

 Above: The BCEC M3 Theatre


Each room required a specific design to account for construction specifications and adjacent loop facilities. Each of the loop systems consists of two arrays of narrow loops. Other factors such as slab mesh reinforcement and the need to use rooms individually or together emphasised the need for a precision low spill design with exact dimensions between loops and tolerances no less, or more, than 50mm to maintain a strict level of spill.


Humantechnik LOS Used at BCEC

Above: Plaza Ballroom Plenary


Copper foil was laid under the carpet in each room with a maximum run of 8m of insulated 2.5mm2 twisted copper wires between array and amplifier. As Proloop LOS has both master and slave amplifiers as well as a phase shifter built in to a single unit, client savings on this project were substantial; reducing loop amplifier requirement by approximately 11 units and significantly cutting installation time.

Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre, while a major project, is just one example of many projects using Humantechnik Proloop LOS. Recognised by a growing number of consultants as a simple, cost effective solution to low overspill issues and being compliant to AS60118.4 Proloop LOS is your answer to assistive listening within budget.


Humantechnik LOS Used at BCEC

 Above: One of the many racks housing Humantechnik LOS units

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