Assistive Listening - Defusing the Fear Factor

Group Technologies has, over a number of years been steadily growing its place in the specialised field of assistive listening. This growth is a result of product quality, reliability and real value for money, PLUS extensive knowledge of the market.

Over this period it has been necessary to encourage our dealers to approach the subject with an open mind. Quite often we need to address dealer concerns regarding perceived complexity of loop design, loop type to be used and required loop amplifier capacity.

This is an almost daily task which is not made any easier by an industry trend to over-specify for most projects or the client being provided with incorrect information.

One example of this is the constant specifying of a system such as phased array where, in fact, in many cases it is not really necessary - The result? An installation well beyond requirement and in excess of what it should normally cost.

The answer? Check out the online reference manual . Also, if you still have questions on product or installation, contact Group Technologies for advice. Don't forget, Group Technologies offers a totally cost free and prompt loop design facility, irrespective of design requirement.


Humantechnik and Linkx Reference Manual


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