Which DiGiCo SD11 Is Right For You?

As DiGiCo is finding the SD11 becoming a favourite across the globe for just about every application, the extremely versatile console is now available in three distinct flavours: SD11, SD11i and SD11B.

With the SD11 possessing both a desktop and rack mountable form factor, its modest footprint and highly powerful internal processing has made it a no brainer for the country's leading engineers such as Rod Matheson and Ernie Rose.

DiGiCo SD11

In its standard format, the SD11 is a compact powerhouse delivering performance never before seen in a console of this size. The console makes use of the same next generation FPGA found in the flagship SD7 console as well as the same Tiger SHARC DSP processors and exceptional FX. Possessing some of the world's most advanced FX algorithms, there's little wonder why the SD11's appeal has been so great.

The release of a set of software/firmware upgrades now means that this versatile solution can be configured to any of the three configurations: SD11, SD11i and SD11B.

The expanded SD11i has more Flexi- channels, more Dynamic EQ, for FX processing and the addition of DiGiTuBes and Multichannel inputs (previously only available on the SD7); whilst the top of the range SD11B’s application specific extension makes it ideal for the broadcast market and also includes the SD11i software.

Both the SD11 and SD11i have the ability to be upgraded at any time.

Manufactured with a steel chassis for strength and a polycarbonate-overlaid, aluminium work surface for reduced weight, all SD11's feature 12 touch sensitive moving faders below a 15" touch sensitive screen, making the SD11 as simple to use at speed as any other DiGiCo console.

16 Microphone pre amps, eight line outputs and two mono AES I/O are provided, in addition to which users have the option to connect a DiGiCo D-Rack to the CAT5E port. This provides a remote I/O rack frame with an additional 32 Microphone inputs and up to 16 outputs. The list of features just keeps going...

The graph below highlights the key differences between the three versions:

DiGiCo SD11 Version Comparisons

If you haven't already, make sure you check one of these consoles out as soon as possible. Call us on 03 9354 9133 to discuss your requirements or find our your nearest DiGiCo dealer here.


DiGiCo SD11


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