Nexo Brings the House Down for Total Carnage III

Australians have been long-time fans of Muay Thai and the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCEC) recently held 'Total Carnage III'; hosted by Jupiter's Hotel & Casino.

Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett defended his world title for the 10th time, on this occasion against Kamil Sokolowski.

A hearty undercard of rising stars whet the appetites of punters before the main event and a stunning fight led to a victory by Corbett who is doing an amazing job of maintaining his reign as champion.


Total Carnage III


Russell Baker (above), one of the busiest sound guys along the Gold Coast was taking care of production and the GCEC's Nexo Geo D system was put to good use.


Total Carnage III


With the GCEC busy year round with gigs, the Geo D sees itself being used for virtually every imaginable event, whether a headline tour, a conference, guest speakers or in this case, a good ol' fashioned fight.

12 Nexo Geo D's were flown per side in active mode. Russell, a highly experienced Nexo user and advocate is never shy on words regarding the performance of Nexo as he notes. "The Geo D had excellent coverage all around. It's a great system."



Nexo Geo D10


For bass, 4 x Nexo RS18's were ground stacked providing more than enough for the event.


Nexo RS 18 Sub


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