Showtime Gets Show on the Road with RCF TT

In 2007 Sidney production company Showtime (owner of many RCF Art speakers), made the jump from the good old ground-stack tech of the 90's to the 21st Century with an RCF self powered TT Theatre and Touring line array system.

Showtime's Rob Runko had been very happy with his compact RCF boxes but when he decided to move into the flying "big black box" arena, there were many possible choices. To cut a long "shootout" short, the eventual selection was RCF TT series. To Quote Rob, "there are a lot of good products on the market at the moment but sound quality and reliability are not the only considerations these days. Product support, light weight, transport costs, crewing and ease of setup are all part of the ongoing cost of production and the solution that addresses these issues will end up with the best bottom line".

RCF TT Close-up

The RCF TT system had a number of advantages, a notable one being the ease of ground stacking the system. "This is the ultimate PA system for a company that does a wide variety of jobs". One day it can be a small group of 2 element array boxes ground stacked and the next, part of a 10 box flown array at a big gig.

RCF TT Ground Stack

The other thing that impressed Rod was the max SPL. "It's bloody loud.... I mean unbelievably loud and the compact 2 x 18 sub is unbelievable and it weighs only 60 Kgs. Not bad for a 2,000W self powered box".

Best of all, his customers love them just as much and that's what counts when you're making an investment that has to work for 10 years.

Since 2007 Rob has added a number of TT boxes to his inventory and still hasn't stopped smiling.


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