The Cranberries on Tour with DiGiCo SD8 Digital Console

After re-forming in 2009, Irish rock band The Cranberries has embarked on a 2010 European Summer Tour. Their audio arsenal centres round a DiGiCo SD8 digital mixing console, manned by Oliver Waring at the crucially important monitor position.

"I've been using DiGiCo consoles for a number of years," says Waring. "I started out teching with a D5 when I was looking after Dave Guerin, monitor engineer for Morrissey. Then I inherited the monitor position and looked after Morrissey for a couple of years on the D5, later upgrading to an SD7.


Oliver Waring

Above: The Cranberries Rockin' Out on Stage

"I've been working with The Cranberries for a couple of months now and I'd inherited a console from another manufacturer that wasn't my first choice. I changed to the SD8 and at its first soundcheck, after just one song, the band commented how different it sounded: that it was a lot crisper, a lot clearer and they knew straight away that something had changed."

Waring's like of DiGiCo products in general is due to the amount of flexibility they afford him. "There are features they have that, from a monitor engineer's point of view, I haven't seen on any other desk," he smiles. "It's great to have the ability to move the faders to any bank on the desk. I can have outputs next to inputs and control groups completely customised, all of which means complete flexibility."

Waring had found the move from a D5 to an SD7 was a big jump in quality and he was interested to know that both sonically and in terms of software, the SD8 was the same as the SD7.


Oliver Waring

Above: Oliver Waring Driving the SD8

"The transition down a level was very simple, no effort at all!" he recalls. "It's just like the SD7, but with less horse power.

"I also love the fact that I've got auxiliary rotaries on each bank, so regardless of which channel I have selected, I can be dialling in to one mix, whilst dealing with something else. I like to be able to twiddle the knobs and do things like you would on an analogue console, and be able to do more than one thing at once with more than one channel. I was blessed with two hands, so I may as well use them!"

The band is mainly on in ears, with side fills as back up, although drummer Fergal Lawler is not a fan of in ears, so Waring gives him wedges instead.

"This set up means that the SD8's graphic EQs are ideal," he says. "I have two graphic EQs on my sidefills and I've set up a macro to punch the second one in. Delores [O'Riordan], our singer, has a habit of running right into the sidefill when she's dancing, so I've got a button on the macro section straight to the second sidefill GEQ for whenever she's there. I just tap it in and it takes all of those nasty features right out. Perfect!"


Oliver Waring

Above: Oliver Waring side of stage with the SD8

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