Quest Presents Speaker Design Fundamentals at Integrate 2010

Quest presented a 'Speaker Design Fundamentals' seminar on the AT World Stage at Integrate 2010. It was great to see some interested faces watching on as Guillaume Boda (Quest's Product Development Manager) discussed how loudspeakers are designed, measured and tested both from a driver and chassis perspective.


Guillaume launching the Klippal machine


Guillaume covered various topics ranging from the ear's perception of sound at various volumes to what fundamentally makes a good speaker from a bad one. He also shed some light into speaker chassis architecture and how transducers are measured using a Klippal analyser which Quest have acquired and use for their own product range.


Guillaume Discussing the role of magnets in speakers


With world class test equipment and facilities as well as strict quality control of all production processes and components, Quest ensures all of their products are manufactured to exacting standards. As Quest has always been an advocate for the continuous enhancement of engineering, it was an excellent opportunity to share some of the expertise with the audio community at Integrate 2010.


Guillaume explaining the Klippal machines reports


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