New wave of RCF TT+ Series speakers set to impress

Group Technologies is eagerly awaiting its first shipments of the brand new RCF TT+ Series of High-Definition powered boxes aimed squarely at the Theatre and Touring industries - hence the TT moniker. The range consists of a two of ultra-high powered compact boxes, two sub systems and a 15-degree flyable array box that can be a line array, a ground stack or the world's loudest in-fill box - all powered and all extremely light in weight. The TT+ Series was shown at the recent Frankfurt pro Light & Sound Exhibition.

RCF TTL33-A array

The TT+ Series features a new development for RCF -- that being the utilisation of a new type of amplifier originally developed in Denmark by B&O. Most people don't know that B&O has a professional division and it has recently come up with a new design Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) switching amplifier. It is the first of this type of design producing really good top end reproduction and it is set to make some waves of it's own. It's very lightweight, reliable and dissipates almost no heat and RCF has not wasted any time incorporating this new technology into the new RCF TT (Theatre and Touring) and it's really quite awesome.

The range TT+ Series consists of a couple of ultra-high powered compact boxes, a couple of sub systems and a 15-degree flyable array box that can be a line array, a ground stack or the worlds loudest in-fill box, all powered and very light in weight.

The TTL33-A 15-x100-degree dispersion array box and if you are thinking, "not another line array!" Then hold your horses, as this is a little different. The difference is versatility. With the rigging system, it's easy to ground stack and it is horn loaded, self-powered, very light weight and easy to use. Each box contains seven neo drivers and you don't need a lot of them to cover a mid-sized show. No processors are required and it produces very high output, with the added bonus of it being very cost effective when compared to a conventional name brand array.

The TT+ Series sub bass boxes are a real eye (and ear) opener. A choice of single or double 18" powered boxes that can be easily flown is enough to cover any contingency. This system is a classic "Lego" PA ideal for an operator that has a wide variety of production environments.

RCF TTL33-A speakers

RCF TTL33-A speakers

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