The Secret Stuff Quest Is Up To

With Quest's home grown HPI-110 going into production in Australia in the next few weeks, there are several siblings in the new HPI range currently in development. Six models in total will comprise three compact full range boxes and three choices of sub bass system. Tasty!

  • The HPi-08 will be a 8" and 1" horn 2-way speaker.
  • HPi-210 is a 2 x 10" and 1.4" 3-way full range system.
  • HPi-212S is an ultra compact sub bass comprised of 2 x custom 12" woofers.
  • HPi-118BP is a single 18" band pass design compact sub bass.
  • HPi-218 MkII will be an improved version of Quest’s already very popular double 18" sub bass.

As we squeeze more information out of the Quest crew we'll be sure to bring it to you; exceptional stuff on the horizon!


Quest Products In Development


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