Dubology Studios Goes with DiGiCo

Sydney-based Dubology Studios recently took delivery of a fully equipped DiGiCo DS-00 digital recording console. The studio's new package features a 96ch DS-00 console with Optocore fibreoptics, two EX-00 expander modules, one stage rack, and one local rack. All of which is interfaced with two Apple MacPro computers, for full redundancy, synched by an Apogee Big Ben and clock duties handled by a Rosendahl NanoSyncHD.

Dubology's Ivan Ordenes with Drew Menard (Group Technologies) and a brand new DiGiCo DS00
Dubology's Ivan Ordenes with Drew Menard (Group Technologies) and some brand new DiGiCo DS00 action

Ivan Ordenes, Dubology's owner, has considerable experience with live, O/B, and music mixing and intends using the DS-00 for all that and whatever else he can find use for this powerhouse console.

Ivan has used the DiGiCo D1 extensively in the past, so was familiar and comfortable with DiGiCo's methodology, which will make the transition to the DS-00 a breeze. However, the main reason for choosing this package was the fantastic sound this console naturally produces. He loves the pre-amp and A/D sound, along with the fact that it seamlessly fits into any recording software package. Ivan uses both Nuendo and ProTools already.

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