DiGiCo Hosts First White Gloves Master Class Series

Mid January saw DiGiCo host its inaugural 'White Gloves Master Class' at its Chessington, UK premises. With over 100 new and current users in attendance over the two two-day events, it proved a resounding success.

Designed for sound rental companies, sound engineers, system technicians and maintenance technicians, the classes took place over a two-day period and saw DiGiCo's premises transformed into a live sound stage, with breakout rooms affording attendees the opportunity of a live mixing session, either individually or in small groups.

A total of seven consoles were set up, all wired and configured from a single Stage Rack, comprising a D5 at front of house and monitors for the main area stage, a D5 RE also at FOH and a Soundtracs DS-00 for an OB truck positioned stage left. A further D5 was set up in the 'Silver Room' for existing users to participate in an in-depth training session, a D5 in the "Black Room' for new users and the 'Blue Room' contained a D1 for those wishing to learn about DiGiCo's latest addition.

DiGiCo's Managing Director, Bob Doyle, introduced the company and gave a product overview in the main room, followed by a hands-on demonstration using both multitrack playback and a live band.

"I'd been a bit nervous about the whole digital thing," said FOH engineer, Nick Warren. "But having gone through it with the DiGiCo guys and had the chance to have a proper play with a D5, I'm going to insist on having one on my next tour."

"It was great to see so many new faces in attendance, as well as those we already know and love," comments Marketing Director, David Webster. "It just goes to prove that there is an immense amount of interest in the whole concept of digital mixing consoles. The set up worked extremely well and the feedback we've had is fantastic. This is just the first in what we hope will become a regular event.

DiGiCo White Gloves

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