Hills Roll with Nexo and DiGiCo

Sydney's Hills Concert Productions recently made the decision to purchase a new Nexo Geo S Compact Array System to add to its impressive collection of world-class audio equipment, including ever-popular Nexo Alpha System. To complete the upgrade the company also purchased a DiGiCo D1-Live Digital Mixing Console.

Company owner Paget Blackburn has established Hills Concert Productions as a one-stop shop for those seeking premium-quality gear and makes it his business to keep up-to-date with current technology. He is also known around the Sydney area as a "pretty hardcore shopper", when it comes to testing products and chasing the right gear. His efforts have paid off with a very flexible equipment inventory.

Tucked away in Sydney 's northern hills district, Hills Concert Productions service a diverse customer base that generally includes a number of large summer festivals, and during the winter season, mid-sized indoor concerts and large pub/club gigs. Hills Concert Productions also has a healthy business sub-hiring gear to other production companies, which has greatly extended the company's reach. "Premium-grade gear leads to high customer satisfaction and attracts a lot of sub-hire business, if you've got the right equipment", comments Paget.

The strategy must be working, as more recently acts like Anthony Callea, Shannon Noll, Jimmy Barnes, The Spanish Festival and a host of others will attest to the positively great results they have had working with Hills Concert Productions.


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