RCF Returns to Group Technologies

With the demise and split up of Mackie Europe; RCF is now back under its original management and has returned to Group Technologies after a three year hiatus.

RCF has a long pedigree in professional audio and with its extensive research and development team, has built everything from CRT video projectors to specialized audio components for custom installations. This broad engineering experience led to innovative products such as the Art series. For the first time, a plastic box could be taken seriously.

The RCF Art series was the first plastic speaker box to be considered in the professional league as was attested by many of Australia’s top sound guy’s way back in 1999. RCF became a victim of their own success, being swallowed up in an ambitious corporate plan that can now be filed under "ancient history".

During the following couple of years, the retail support base fell away but the RCF owners held on to their Art boxes. The belief that it was the best sounding and most reliable plastic box was confirmed by a number of public shootouts reported in the audio industry press at the time.

Well RCF is back, and with distribution and production issues now settled, get ready for a whole new competitive landscape for the quality end of the compact speaker business.

Many of RCF’s old rental and installation customers are already returning thanks to the reliability and performance of their maturing RCF stock. Some of these companies are still hiring out their ART series boxes after six years, an amazing result when most companies unload their hire stock after 12 months.

A number of new and upgraded products from RCF will soon see the light of day building on the already successful platform.

Group Technologies have come to the party to review and assist with warrantee claims on RCF products purchased during the previous distribution regimes. With strong customer support and service, and a new product range, Group Tech expect to see RCF return to its place as the preeminent compact system.



RCF Returns



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