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Beatnix - The Beatles Show is one of Australia's longest running tribute shows and also one of the most successful. Tony Dean, show owner, has now entered three decades of touring with the show and up to now has bought three different speaker systems.

The latest system purchase was a Nexo PS15 system. An increasing amount of corporate work has seen pressure put on bands to provide a quality sound system without bringing a 'wall of speakers' into the function room. The Nexo system suited these applications as well as the regular club and occasional hotel gig the Beatnix performed. Tony selected the PS15 cabinet because he was looking for a compact high-powered speaker that would sound good at low levels as well as loud.

Dispersion was also a key factor in the decision, many competing brands achieve their efficiency from tight horn patterns, but this then requires more cabinets to adequately cover rooms. The Nexo asymmetrical waveguide provides 100 degrees dispersion in the short throw, (so audiences close to the stage actually get to here some high frequency) and then changes to 50 degrees, which allows more horn energy to be channelled to the rear of the room. Another benefit of the change to the 50-degree path for the longer throw is the reduction of overlapping of horn paths and minimisation of unnecessary reflections from walls.

The Beatnix system is complemented with the optional Nexo LS1200 sub woofer. This compact and low weight speaker features a single 18 in a bandpass cabinet with deep bass down to 30hz. System processing is performed by a PS15 TD Controller allowing two way operation as well as allowing the PS15's to be used full range for situations not requiring any extra sub bass reinforcement. The TD Controller provides full dynamic processing, modelling of loudspeaker cone excursion, voice coil temperature emulation and amplifier sensing.

The system has now been used in many situations including outdoors were it covered the area easily, as well in more difficult acoustic environments like a gymnasium. Tony said, 'We were set up to play across the auditorium with other bands set up next to us. As I walked across the back of the room the coverage was very smooth and even.'

The original intention of Tony's purchase was to keep his subs but the PS15's worked so well he tried the LS1200's and bought them. This has now started a plan to make the system more compact and with the small size of the Nexo PS series speakers there are now plans to replace the foldback and amps and reduce the production from a 21-foot pantec truck to a long wheel base van.

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