Kylie Puts on a Show with a DiGiCo

Pop star Kylie Minogue has made a triumphant and glittering return to the stage, eighteen months after her Showgirl tour was cancelled due to her developing breast cancer. However she's back and better than ever - This time with the Showgirl Homecoming tour and her faithful crew including long-time front-of-house engineer Chris Pyne. As usual Chris is using a DiGiCo D5 live digital mixing system having been a D5 user for the past four years.


Crystal Bar

 FOH engineer for Kylie, Chris Pyne with the DiGiCo D5


"It's a fine console and definitely my favourite," he said. "The control surface is immediate; you can see everything you want to see straightaway without having to go through pages of stuff to find it. I also have a DiGiTracs dedicated 56-track hard disk multitrack recorder which I pretty much use as a sound check in a box – you record the show every night, it picks up the signal direct from the preamp on the stage and records it to the computer. The next day I can return and play the show back as if the band is on stage, adjust the mix and dynamics, EQ, balances etc. It's a very handy machine."


Crystal Bar

 Chris Pyne ready for the return of Kylie live, with DiGiCo D5

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