Frontier Lighting cranks the volume with Nexo

They may be called Frontier Lighting but don't be misled for it also stocks only the best in loud speakers! Six months ago this Perth-based company branched into the audio world with the purchase of four Nexo PS15 speakers along with Camco amplifiers to power them.


Frontier Lighting Director - Ryan Varley

 Frontier Lighting Director, Ryan Varley with Nexo PS15 system


"Our audio division stemmed from the DJ Festival Market which we have always been heavily involved with," explained Ryan Varley, Frontier's director. "We have twenty-four turntables, twenty-four CDJ's, lots of rolling risers, and so it was just a matter of time before we moved into the Nexo PS15 range to cover our specs for DJs. The PS15 is probably considered, in the DJ market, to be the best monitor system. I read so many specs asking for the PS15, so I can't be any happier!"

In Ryan's valued opinion, the PS15 is not only the best DJ monitor available it is also the paramount festival speaker and this year he has used them on several prestigious festivals such as Summerdayze and Future Music.


Frontier Lighting Factory Manager - Sharon Clark

Frontier Lighting's Sharon Clark, Factory Manager (probably the most organised and neatest warehouse you'll ever see)


"After many deliberations over various brands, we also felt that the Nexo PS15 range would best fulfill all of our exhibition, corporate, and festival requirements too," added Ryan. "The Nexo speakers have been very well developed and I really don't think that there's a better box on the market currently. They're great for festival work as they are so robust and powerful."

Frontier also recently purchased couple of RCF speakers which they find very useful for marquee-type work where a robust, plastic and powerful self-powered box is required.

"They're great for the smaller hire jobs," commented Ryan.

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