Geo D Keeps Phase 1 Audio Number One in WA

Phase 1 Audio has been established in Perth Western Australia since 1996 and in that time it's built a solid reputation as a company that focuses its attention on service and detail. Its staff and crew maintain this ethic, providing a dedicated, professional and personal approach to each event.


Phase 1 Audio

An Impressive Line-up: Phase 1 Audio (WA) impresses us all with its Nexo/Camco inventory


Phase 1 Audio has been instrumental in the technical production of shows in Western Australia ranging from small boardroom presentations and product launches through to large indoor and outdoor concerts and sporting events.

It's not only a professional attitude that has seen Phase 1 Audio garner a large share of the hire market in Western Australia, it is also its choice of quality equipment for hire stock, in particular a growing inventory of Nexo speakers coupled with Camco amplifiers.

A couple of years ago a purchase of Nexo PS15 speakers enabled Phase 1 Audio to infiltrate the live music scene having previously concentrated more on the corporate market. A purchase last year of the Nexo Geo D cabinets has further reinforced its position and has enabled Phase 1 Audio to enter the live festival market.

"We now own twenty-four Geo D cabinets which allow us to do most productions that come through Perth," commented Jon Caisley, managing director of Phase 1 Audio. "We've just done the Blackjack festival in front of 8,000 people, the Perth City Muster, and before that we did a Bon Scott tribute, featuring The Party Boys and The Angels with 12,000 people."


Phase 1 Audio

John Caisley, MD Phase 1 Audio (WA)


Jon is particularly impressed with the predictability of Nexo speakers especially with the Geo D.

"If you say the Geo D will cut off at this point, it will cut off at that point," he stated "The cabinets are cardioid so there is very little emission from the back of them keeping areas behind the stage quiet. It's a good, reliable product and it sounds great."

The only other line array available in Perth is an L'Acoustics Kudo system and Jon likens the two competing products to car models.

"The Kudo system, which is good, is like a Chevrolet but we have bought a Porsche," he mused. "Ours is a lot lighter, a lot easier to deal with, is cardioid and is easier to rig; we only need one ton motors not two ton.


Phase 1 Audio

Phase 1 Audio Crew: Back Row - Jon Caisley & Brendan Slabosz Front Row - Tim McNally, Kade Ward, Scott Hay, Jessie Francis


"To be honest, every client who has heard the Geo D has been blown away by it. It's quite amazing and even quite scary. We started the year as a relatively large company and now, at the end of the summer season, we've finished up sitting on top with the big boys – a place we've been aiming to be for a long time!"

Jon is keen to emphasise that it's not just the Nexo products that have enabled the company to rise to such a lofty position but also the way they approach their work.

"We tend to arrive with a smile on our face and we work as a team," he said. "We have a great team of people; I drive the ship but Brendan Slabosz (production manager) and Kade Ward (systems technician) keep it afloat. We also get superb back up from Group Technologies and I'm really stoked with the way they have handled things, they're great people."


Phase 1 Audio

Seriously Nexo at Phase 1 Audio


Phase 1 Audio

Geo D at a recent Phase 1 Audio production


Phase 1 Audio

Another Geo D at a recent Phase 1 Audio production


Phase 1 Audio

Yep, another Geo D at a recent Phase 1 Audio production


Phase 1 Audio

Nexo PS Series used for monitors

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