Nexo Installed in a Chinese Laundry?

Dirty clothes? Maybe the Chinese laundry can sort it out... Well, not really. For across the long standing and credible Sydney club scene, the term Chinese Laundry is synonymous with quality clubbing and has a true veteran standing. Located on the cusp of Sydney's CBD within the Slip Inn, Chinese Laundry is the place to go for clubbers in the know.

With international DJ's ushered into the venue regularly, the laundry has been shaking and moving modestly for many years. Clubbing isn’t its only claim to fame however as the hospitality of the Slip Inn extends across an array of bars including a garden bar where city professionals meet for lunch and to kick back after work throughout the week. Whether your taste is minimal house or funky Brazilian grooves (played regularly on their Thursday night), Slip Inn is a slick place to hang out.

Slip Inn


Chinese Laundry comprises Laundry and The Cave on Friday nights, and extends to the upstairs Garden and Sandbar on Saturdays. It has always been a relatively intimate venue.

Both downstairs rooms have faced sound challenges in the past due to their low ceilings. Bump Productions were engaged to install a new sound system. Keith Eisenhuth from Bump assessed the rooms and felt that a combination of Nexo Geo S12, RS15, and PS series would be the perfect solution. Nexo has been a long standing leader in both live and club venues around the country as well as internationally for over a decade. With installations in leading Australian venues such as the Sydney’s Enmore, Factory and Metro Theatres, Melbourne’s Forum Theatre, Queensland’s Tivoli Theatre and countless others; it made sense that a venue as esteemed as Chinese Laundry took Nexo on board.

The Laundry was installed with 2 x Geo S1210’s over 4 x Nexo RS15’s in the front of the room with 2 x Nexo Geo S1210’s and 2 x Nexo PS10’s installed as additional delay. The Cave was installed with 4 x Nexo RS15’s along one wall, 4 x Geo S1230’s in each corner of the room and an additional 2 x Geo S1230’s along each of its longer walls.

There were some unique challenges to the installation as Keith notes. "There are low ceilings in both rooms. Some customized rigging was used and all the Geo S12’s were used in landscape mode. Even the PS10 delays had to be rigged horizontally."

With Bump’s great sound design coupled with the flexibility of the Geo S12, PS and RS range, the venue owners and performers have been extremely happy with the new sound system. As Keith reports "All the international DJ's have been blown away with the sound quality at unbelievably high levels. Makes dealing with touring easy."


Slip Inn


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