RCF Unveils the HDL 20-A Active Line Array

Through the decades, RCF has helped shape the development of professional speakers with product offerings such as the acclaimed ART, 4Pro, NX and TT+ series products. This has made RCF one of the major players in the audio industry with an extremely large and dedicated user base.

RCF is one of the few loudspeakers companies in the world with the ability to completely design and manufacture transducers, speaker systems, amplifiers, cabinets and control electronics end to end and in-house. With three R&D departments – acoustic, electronic and mechanical – working in perfect synergy, every product RCF releases is innovative, practical and detailed.

With its renowned transducer technology, RCF has an enormous advantage in developing a complete speaker systems which culminate the perfect match between transducers and electronics.

With heavy investment in innovation and development, the company constantly works on new product designs and now RCF is pleased to introduce the brand new D LINE Array.

HDL 20-A Active Line Array Module

The careful acoustic design, no compromise transducers and a unique, composite cabinet, makes the HDL 20-A the perfect system for both live sound reinforcement and reliable installation situations.

The HDL 20-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and fast, easy set up is a must. The system is powered by a 1200 Watt Peak Power 2 way digital amplifier while sound is processed via a powerful built-in DSP. The processing includes cluster and HF projection correction as well as special new presets for indoor and high curving situations.

The system features state of the art RCF transducers, two powerful 10" for a solid bass reproduction and a large format 3" voice coil compression driver to deliver vocal clarity and high definition with an incredible dynamic.

The large format compression driver RCF CD 850 is a key advantage of the HDL20-A. The entire vocal range is reproduced from this driver with superior efficiency, extreme clarity and with better coverage.

The HDL20-A also features configurable mechanics for flexible configuration options. Angles between cabinets are selectable at 2 degree resolutions. In comparison with many competitor products limited by fixed curving, the HDL20-A makes it possible to create real J-shaped or spiral arrays.


RCF HDL 20-A Array

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