Cultures Combine with Odeon & Nexo

Club Odeon is one of Crown Casino's longest standing bars but it recently had a re-launch and complete re-vamp now hosting live bands and superstar DJ's five nights a week. Crown is no stranger to international acts or guests and so the Odeon received the royal treatment with its installation of a quality Nexo rig.

Club Odeon at Crown Casino

The Odeon, as the name suggests, has an elliptical architecture within the main room where a bar occupies each end of the oval and the stage is butted against one of the back walls in the centre of the venue.

CThe State and dance floor at Club Odeon, Crown Casino

The dance floor is also and oval shape forming a concentric ring in-line with the venue walls. Factory Sound were asked to come in and install a suitable system which would provide full sound across the dance floor and ensure the music was notably quieter around the bar areas. This was accomplished with the installation of 8 x Nexo PS15's around the dance floor perimeter, 2 x Nexo PS10's with one at either side of the stage and 6 x Nexo LS1200 subs front and center of the stage. The PS10's and PS15's were employed due to their adjustable asymmetrical dispersion angle which allows for a combination of various coverage angles. In a round room, it's crucial to fill as much space is possible whilst minimizing unwanted reverberation. For monitoring, 4 x PS15's and 1 x PS15 bass extender were installed. The entire main room is controlled by a Xilica 4080 processor, powered by and Techton amplifiers with Power Wise handling power distribution.

The back room, which is a long, narrow rectangular room, was furnished with 5 x Nexo PS8's, 2 x Nexo LS400's, 1 x NX AMP 4 x 1 and 1 x Xilica 4080 processor.

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