Is Your Hire Inventory Really Complete?

It's not... Unless you have a totally portable assistive listening system ready for hire. If you haven't - why not?

Today it is more important than ever that you are able to support any contingency in hire and that includes hearing impairment. Australian Standard AS 1428.5, in force since May 1st 2011, makes it very clear that 80% of any audio accessed area must be provided with an assistive listening system for the hearing impaired.

There are two ways of looking at a solution, these are:

1. Can your business afford to?

2. Will a portable loop system build your business?

The answer to both is yes! and Group Technologies has the perfect product to resolve the issue.

Whatever the requirement you can provide for it. Whether it be conferencing, seminars, marquee functions, outdoor concerts - The applications are endless and installation is a breeze.

Simply open the smart aluminium case, remove the ProloopC loop amplifier, connect to your audio source, run the cable included, test current strength with the Field Strength Meter (Proloop FSM), also provided, adjust cable run if necessary and job done!

Just think about it... A completely portable loop system with everything needed for fast, no fuss installation with a capacity of up to 140m2. Professionally presented in a strong, attractive aluminium case, the Humantechnik mobile loop system, A-4271-0, is a definite must for your hire market.

It's simple!

ProloopC +Reels + FSM +Connections + Case = COMPLIANCE (and another business opportunity!).

For further information do not hesitate to contact our Hearing Loop Specialists on 03 9354 9133.


Les Goding with the Proloop C Mobile Solution

Assistive Listening Division Manager Les Goding standing by the Humantechnik Proloop C Mobile Solution

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