Assistive Listening & Compliance

The introduction of AS1428.5 has set a new high in providing the most effective listening outcome for the hearing impaired.


The concept of installing any loop system without the proper confirmation of performance capability is now in the past.

So much so that today it is necessary to verify compliance by providing a signed commissioning document, confirming that your loop installation is, in fact, compliant and meets test parameters as required in tender specifications.

There is no doubt that, as the field of assistive listening installation expands... and it will, you are going to need the right test equipment to meet this very specific requirement. Humantechnik Proloop FSM plus (A-4292-0) is the answer.


FSM Proloop Plus

A quality professional device, offering the following:

- Tests both background noise and field strength

- RMS-measuring range calibrated to 400mA/m = 0dB

- Multi-coloured LED?s with 1dB resolution

- Headphone jack with volume control

- Simple design for simple and immediate use

- Portable size

- Light-weight

- Conforms to IEC 60118-4:006 standards


Proloop FSM plus is not only a complete audible and electronic testing meter, it represents true value for money against other alternatives...



Compare and prove it for yourself!


Humantechnik Product Range

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