Powerwise Ensures Your Power Is Never Neglected

With so many busy professionals working tirelessly, gig after gig, often the simplest of things are overlooked. There's no denying the power is a necessity but there'd also be no doubt it isn't the most exciting topic to talk about.

With the growing sophistication of today’s entertainment technology however, it's become critical that show power is taken seriously and always given serious consideration.

Show power has become a specialist discipline requiring care and attention. After all, the show can never go on without power.

This is where Powerwise can help.

he Powerwise PD Series has become the silent winner to industry professionals who take the power demands of their gear seriously.

Six, full-featured models comprise the range and all have been designed to perfectly suit real-life situations out at a gig or installed into sensible venues.

Don't let your gear, venue or next major event suffer from bad power, get Powerwise.




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