RCF D LINE Keeping Moon Mother Busy

Moon Mother have been out and about with their RCF rig throughout the Summer and their recent shows for Darryl Braithwaite at Luna Park saw the Moon Mother crew out and about with their RCF D LINE.



Above: RCF D LINE Flown for Darryl Braithwaite at Luna Park Melbourne


Moon Mother's Director Jenny Moon has been very pleased with her experiences with the D LINE so far making some great points about the unique features of the D LINE system.

"At Luna Park we had 4 x HDL20A's flown at 4.8m, 2 x down-tilted HD-12A's for in-fill out-fill per side (covering first 15m out), 2 x HD12A's for front fill and 3 x TTS26-A subs stacked in cardioid mode (centre sub in stacks facing backward) per side. We had great clear sound. Heard nothing like it before."



The ability to fly the PA in different configurations was very appealing to Moon Mother as it adds a substantial amount of practicality for production companies who are constantly doing different gigs.

"We have 8 boxes so use 4 a side. We will be purchasing another 8, so we have tops & subs a side. We run TTS26A subwoofers with them and have 8 of them as well. We run 8 as a sub array across the front and sometimes we run 3 a side and use the cardioid set up."



There was no shortage of reasons to go with the D LINE in particular either.




"The D LINE has awesome true hi-fi sound, and we can use it for many different configurations. It has awesome sonic transparency, great SPL for weight; flexibility of config settings with individual processing capabilities between elements; an intelligent and fast rigging system, ability to easily divide system into smaller units for deployment as two or more separate systems (as opposed to an amp rack based system)."



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