Geo T & John Legend at Northwestern Uni

GRAMMY Award-winning singersongwriter John Legend performed for an audience of 5,500 at the Welsh-Ryan Arena on the campus of Northwestern University, supported by Gand Concert Sound providing the audio and SCS Productions with the lighting and staging.

It was the first time in four years that a concert had been held in the venue. Produced by A&O Productions, the event marked the inauguration of new Northwestern president Morton Schapiro.

As part of the audio rig, Gand provided 12x NEXO CD18's, 10x GEO T4805's and 2x GEOT2815's per side for out fill. 8x GEO T4805's and 1x T2815 were used per side for mains, left and right; 4x NEXO PS8s were used as front fills. Since the band was on in-ears, 3x NEXO PS15's were used for stage monitors. A Yamaha PM5D-RH digital audio console performed front-of-house duties.

"Since the arena was set up for stadium seating on the sides, the side hangs were bigger than the mains", says Gary Gand, President, Gand Concert Sound.

"I used to go to concerts at NU when my wife was a student there and, acoustically, it was a typical nightmare. Bands like Mountain, Springsteen, Simple Minds, even the Dead, just got swallowed up in echo. With the NEXO Tangent Array, which has proven itself in thousands of shows, the venue has changed radically into a pretty nice-sounding, mid-sized room with great potential."


John Legend's stage


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