Grapes & Geo T Necessary for New Year Party In Madrid

Nochevieja - New Year's Eve - in Madrid attracts huge crowds to the famous Puerta del Sol square. On this night, it is not just the centre of Madrid, but the centre of Spain, as tourists from all over the world join with visitors from all over the country to hear the chimes of the famous Casa de Correos clock chime in the new year. Custom dictates that each person eats 12 grapes, one for each stroke of the clock!

Grupo Enter Sonido's CAMCO-powered GEO T system, supported by GEO D hangs, was used to play music from 8pm to midnight, and then to provide sound reinforcement for the son et lumiere which followed, with dramatic projection onto the Casa de Correos.

Designed on NexoSoft by the two Miguels, Miguel Patón from Grupe Enter and Miguel Gutierrez from Nexo's Spanish distributor 220, the system used just two locations. In each tower, a GEO T hang (6x T4805 + 2x T2815) faced down the street, next to a GEO D hang (6x D10s) angled away at 90 degrees. CD18s and extra PS15s were fitted behind the flying structures.

NYE in Madrid


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