Bethel Korean Church Gives Praise for New DiGiCo SD8 Console

After searching for an affordable audio solution to handle its worship services and recording for broadcast, Bethel Korean Church made the move to a DiGiCo SD8. The 2000-seat sanctuary catering to the Korean community in Irvine California, needed to replace its existing digital console, and one that would offer great features, sonics and that could handle the worship services and recording for broadcast. Technical Director/system designer, Jaeho Kim - of Laservision World, a Pro AV/Lighting consulting firm based in LA - helped BKC make the transition.

"BKC had used a Yamaha O1V for over 7 years with an additional optical preamp (x16CH)," Kim recalled. While our company pushed the Yamaha digital console, I was not satisfied with the preamp and dynamics. I had been looking for other manufacturers to come out with a reasonably priced console with good sonic quality. Mac West's Steve McNeil brought a DiGiCo SD8 to Laservision last December to show us, and I was very impressed with its warm-sounding pre-amps, mic pres and EQ. And it’s very easy to operate."

Bethel Churches SD8

Kim suggested moving the Yamaha over to BKC's gymnasium for use by its Youth ministry, and with all the money they saved on the new SD8 console, they were able to put that surplus towards upgrading other areas.

"The price of the SD8 was a very good attraction for me," said Kim. "It also only required us to use two RG6 cables to enable 56 channels, which saved the church money. I was able to put that towards upgrading their console furniture and workstation, including a customized console desk from KK Audio. I designed it to put both the DiGiCo SD8 and a Jands Vista T2 lighting console side-by-side with enough rack spaces to accommodate any outboard gear. Since the SD8 has so many features, I ended up putting drawers and a blank rack panel to cover up those unused rack spaces!"

The church is also recording and mixing all 48 tracks for broadcasting on its website (, as well as on KCMUSA ( With the DiGiCo SD8, they're using an RME HDSP MadiFace card with a PC, and the .wav files are then transferred and mixed in their Pro Tools system. "Mainly these recordings are used for a broadcasting mix, and feature a good mix between the pastor's sermon and the congregation live. These quick mixes are sent to their web team, KCMUSA, as well as four Korean Christian TV stations."

Overall, everyone has been happy with the audio quality and ease of use, including BKE's AV director and audio operator. "Mac West did super support on the project," Kim added. "Both BKC and I are very happy with the console and the support from DiGiCo."

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Bethel Churches second SD8


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