World First for DiGiCo As SD8 Goes Mobile

In late 2008 and early 2009, Finnish band Eppu Normaali enjoyed its hugely successful Klubiotteella tour with a pair of DiGiCo SD8 consoles supplied by Akun Tehdas, the audio production company owned by the band and directed by drummer Aku Syrja. So successful was the tour that TomFloor Production, an associate company run by producer and engineer Tomi Pietila, has since purchased its own console for Location Factory - the world's first SD8-equipped mobile recording facility.

"When it came to choosing a console, there were a few options which I considered, but very soon it became obvious that the SD8 had more preamps, more power, more… everything… compared with other brands," says Tomi of his new acquisition.

"Most importantly I knew the sound quality of the preamps. Having used the SD8 to make live recordings of the Eppu Normaali tour, I already knew that the preamps sound so good that it feels like having an old British analogue desk, not a brand new one. And from a digital one as well!

"With Akun Tehdas already owning DiGiCo consoles, it is also easy to build expanded systems, if needed."

Eppu Maali's SD8 Mobile Ready

Featuring a 96 input/output ProTools HD3 system for recording, the truck uses SSL MadiDelta Link and Lynx Aurora interfaces, with system clocking by a Rosendahl NanosyncHD. The system is configured to provide both 5.1 and stereo masters simultaneously.

"The routings and all the features are very transparent, I like the fact that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to learn how to set up the system," smiles Tomi. “It is a really flexible and easy to use console. The potentiometers are arranged just the way I like, so when I need to change EQ or compressor settings I immediately find the right knob. That's a really important thing when you have to work fast."

In recent times, the benefits of digital recording technology have made it increasingly common for bands to record their concerts and have those recordings available for fans to buy straight after the show. This autumn Tomi and Location Factory will be fulfilling that role for a number of Finnish bands, as well as a range of other recordings.

"In the past I have done more pop/rock recordings, both live and in the studio, but with the new facility I’ll experiment with more classical concerts," he says. "So far I have made a few classical recordings and the results were absolutely stunning. It’s easy to take the truck nearly anywhere and it takes only a few minutes to set up once I’m on location."

He continues, "For every piece of live or location work I’ve done with the SD8, it has been very reliable. I don't remember ever having to restart the console after setup.

"I'm really happy with it. It completely satisfies my requirements, whatever kind of recording I’m doing."

Eppu Maali's SD8 Behind The Driving Seat


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