Stagemaker's R8CPU-VS Set To Turn Heads

The functional aspects of the newly designed R8CPU-VS control system for Stagemaker chain hoists, are based up on our long-term technical expertise and knowledge of market requirements in the cost effective segment of theatre and entertainment business. This systems complies of one operating desk CC48 and one or more controlling racks R8CPU-VS. The CC48 has an integrated laptop for programming and visualization. It includes a hub for the local network data communication with the R8CPU-VS rack(s) and has the operational safety features: dead-mans button and Emergency stop and joy-stick for manual speed regulation.

The Stagemaker R8CPU-VS offers the ultimate in innovative chain hoisting systems. Complying with SIL3 international standard, this is the must have for software controlled dynamic overhead operations.

With modular system design requiring only one multi-core per connection of hoist to controller, scalability is not a problem as 8 individual R8CPU-VS racks can be configured in unison. Repetitive precision is achieved by using a two channel incremental encoder. This encoder is robust and shock proof, built into the hoist on the loadwheel shaft. A separate encoder on the motor shaft provides overspeed detection for safety purposes.

Stagemaker R8CPU-VS


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