Beijing Olympics Kept Up with Stagemaker

The organizer's of the 2008 Olympic Games selected the Stagemaker SM10 chain hoists to support and lift the lighting and the sound equipment to be used during the opening ceremony at National Olympic Stadium in Beijing. The primary challenge was to deliver 400 motors and the 49,213 feet of lift chain in six weeks. Over 500 total units were sold through the sister company of R&M Materials Handling, Verlinde, who has been successfully developing the Asian markets for many years.

More than 400 SM10 hoists support 200 truss sections with a length of approximately 50 ft. Each section is moved by two Stagemaker hoists equipped with 148 feet of lift chain. The 140 truss sections support intelligent luminaries and approximately 50 trusses support speaker clusters. An additional 100 hoists are used at various areas in the complex and at other Olympic venues.

Stagemaker Cyberhoist

The contract for the Olympic Games is yet another milestone for the growing presence of Stagemaker in Asia. The contract follows the recent contract, containing more than 450 chain hoists, for the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia. Another important purchasing factor was the Stagemaker product presentation organized, by Verlinde's GIAE Beijing, for Olympic officials and other VIP's from the Chinese entertainment and theatrical scene in The Great Hall of the People located at the Tiananmen Square, June 2007.

Thousands of units are used all over the world. The Stagemaker product line offers experience acquired over decades of use in the entertainment industry. Reliability is one of the key distinguishing features of Stagemaker products. Every version includes standard safety features, such as an electromagnetic disk brake and a safety clutch. The Stagemaker SM10 chain hoist can lift loads of up to one ton, at a speed of 16 fpm. The Stagemaker SM10 is extremely compact with a light-weight body due to an injected aluminum manufacturing process.

Stagemaker Cyberhoist


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