Cirque Du Soleil Takes Tomcat USA & Stagemaker

Since 1987, Tomcat has been one of the leading manufacturers of portable outdoor roofing and trussing systems for the music industry. With clients such as Robbie Williams, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, U2 and Janet Jackson, Tomcat's reputation is at it's pinnacle.

When Tomcat took on the Las Vegas production of Cirque Du Soleil, it required electric hoists to match the impeccible quality of their entire system so Stagemaker was the obvious choice. 24 hoists were required for the event however Tomcat took a total of 124 Stagemaker Cyberhoists due to their outstanding long-term performance and proven reliability in demanding touring and show conditions around the globe.

Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas

Stagemaker Cyberhoist “intelligent hoist motor” system with the dedicated InMotion 3D design and control software create a powerful new tool for achieving complex and dynamic set element movements quickly, safely and in near silence. Stagemaker Cyberhoist's were awarded the innovation prize at the Plasa tradeshow in London and at the LDI at Orlando.

Stagemaker Cyberhoist


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