Myer Parade Gets Nexo On Wheels

Myer's 2009 Christmas Parade was a dazzling event which ushered in last year's Christmas season.

This visually amazing and logistically challenging event was produced by Ready Set Go Productions ( RSG brought together approximately 1000 performers and crew culminating in a very special day for the live audience estimated at over 65,000.

The whole parade was shown in a delayed broadcast on Channel Seven Melbourne to a further audience exceeding 800,000.

Commencing in Spring Street the parade travelled 6 city blocks down Bourke Street on a glorious 30 degree Saturday morning. The talented team at Advanced Audio handled the sound requirements using eight Static Systems of Nexo Geo S8 and S12 for the main grunt of the commentary and playback duties providing 6 floats and 12 Torro’s with audio support for dancers and performers alike.

With a limited time available for street closures and set up time, Advanced Audio deployed their new trailer mounted truss towers. Each tower covered the majority of a city block with crisp & concise audio reproduction. Nexo speakers and Camco amplifiers were used all along the route to ensure uniform clarity from start to finish.

Sixteen Radio mic channels were mixed & routed from Advanced Audio's Digico D1 console, allowing delay and phase reversal matrixes to provide quality audio throughout the mall area.


Nexo's On Wheels


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