MQ 30P Pneumatic Suspension Loudspeaker

The MQ 30P is an orient-able, two-way mini-speaker.

MQ 30P Pneumatic Suspension Loudspeaker Black(MQ30P-B)

The components are a three-inch woofer and a coaxial dome tweeter to ensure a wide angle of coverage. The speaker faithfully reproduces announcements and provides a good music background where required. Combined with a subwoofer, the MQ 30P allows high-quality music distribution with high output levels. The MQ 30P has been designed to adhere closely to the wall or ceiling and thus it has a limited protrusion. The built-in hinged support makes the speaker easy to install and orient in any direction.


  • White: MQ30P-W
  • Black: MQ30P-B
  • Silver: MQ30P-S

MQ 30P Pneumatic Suspension Loudspeaker - White (MQ30P-W) and Silver (MQ30P-S)


Musical Power/RMS: 24/12W (impedance "by-pass" connection: 16Ω)
Line Transformer: 100 V - 12W (multiple taps)
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 88 dB
Max SPL: 102 dB
Freq. Response: 150 Hz-20 kHz (-10 dB)
Cut-Off Frequency: 5400 Hz 6/6 dB/oct
Protection: Dynamic on

Woofer and Tweeter

Angle of Coverage 120° x 120°
Body: Auto-Extinguishing Plastic HB
Accessories Included: Adjustable integrated wall mounting accessory with the connecting terminals to the amplifier
Dimensions (WxHxD): 100x100x170 mm

MQ30P  Dimension Diagram

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