Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Array Module

The high-output D10 array module is centerpiece to NEXO's GEO D vertical tangent array system.

Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Array Module

The optimized 10° Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource enables multiple GEO D loudspeakers to coherently radiate tangent wavefronts from curved vertical arrays to deliver consistent front-torear SPL across all coverage areas.

GEO D10's patented, third generation Hyperbolic Reflective Wavesource (HRW™), redefines controlled dispersion of acoustic energy, while GEO D10's unique Directivity/ Phase Device (DPD) extends coherency far below the "natural" mid-to-HF coupling limits common to traditional line array system designs. Technically, the legendary HRW controls acoustic energy using an acoustical reflector (i.e. mathematically calculated hyperboloid acoustic mirror, derived from rigorous geometrical transformations) that is functionally positioned "outside" the loudspeaker cabinet.

The DPD extends upper frequency limits for line source coupling between GEO D10's adjacent 12" cone loudspeakers, so that adjacent D10's 12" woofers coherently couple as if there were twice as many 6" loudspeakers, mounted at half the physical distance.

GEO D10's third design signature, the patented Configurable Directivity Device, is a diffraction slot used to control acoustic coverage in the "non-coupling plane" (the horizontal plane of a NEXO
vertical tangent array system).

Specifications with NX242 TDController & NXtension Card

Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Array Detail

Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Array Diagram

Frequency Response[a]: 60Hz - 19kHz ± 3dB
Usable Range @-6dB[a]: 55Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m[b]: 105dB SPL Nominal
103dB SPL Wideband
Peak SPL @ 1m[b]: Configuration dependent[d]
Dispersion[c]: Vertical Plane: Configuration dependent[d]
Horizontal plane: Configurable 80° / 120°. Low Frequency: cardioid
Crossover Frequencies: LF-MF: 300 Hz active;
MF-HF: 1.1 kHz Passive or Active (internally configurable)
Nominal Impedance HF: 16Ω
LF/MF front: 16Ω
LF Rear: 16Ω
Recommended Amplifiers:  
3 GEO D10 in Parallel:HF: 875 to 1550-w into 4Ω MF/LF
front: 1750 to 3100-w into 4Ω LF
rear section: 1750 to 3100-w into 4Ω
4 GEO D10 in parallel: HF: 1000 to 1800-w into 4Ω MF/LF
front: 2000 to 3600-w into 4Ω LF
rear section: 2000 to 3600-w into 4Ω
6 GEO D10 in parallel: HF: 1650 to 3000-w into 2Ω MF/LF
front: 3300 to 6000-w into 2Ω LF
rear section: 3300 to 6000-w into 2Ω
Connectors 1 x AMPHENOL EP6
6 pole socket in; 1 x AMPHENOL
AP6 6 pole connector through
Net Weight: 57 kg including array assembly system
Speakon Connectors: 2 x 4 pole (Passive In & Loop Thru) + 1 x 4 Pole (Active In)
Construction: Baltic birch ply
with structured black coating.
  • [a] Response curves and data: anechoic far field above 200 Hz, half-space anechoic below 200 Hz.
  • [b] Sensitivity & peak SPL: will depend on spectral distribution. Measured with band limited pink noise. Refers to the specified +/- 3 dB range. Data are for speaker + processor + recommended amplifier combinations.
  • [c] Directivity curves and data: 1/3 octave smoothed frequency response, normalized to on-axis response. Data obtained by computer processing of off-axis response curves.
  • [d] Please refer to the GEO D user Manual.

Nexo GEO D10 Tangent Array Dimension Diagram

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