Nexo GEO SUB Directional Sub-bass

When flown, up to 16x deep, GEO SUB arrays provide a sub and subwoofer system for GEO D, GEO S or GEO T, effectively crossing over as high as 300Hz.

Nexo GEO SUB Directional Sub-bass

With peak SPL of 139-142dB, GEO SUB's front-loaded 18" transducer integrates exceptional high power handling with an extended frequency range.

When stage stacked, the flexible GEO SUB deploys with GEO D10 as a cardioid subwoofer system, allowing end-users infinite scalability and system placement options, with subbass response down to 35Hz.

Rooted in NEXO's ongoing commitment to precise LF control, the unique GEO SUB design employs two side-firing 12" speakers to create unrivalled, cardioid midbass and subbass coverage.


  • Advanced, controlled cardioid SubBass
  • Arrays with GEO D or flies independently as part of GEO S and GEO T Systems
  • Stage stackable, using proprietary, multi-purpose Bumper Technology
  • Bottom-line engineering for theatre to arena-sized fixed & mobile applications
  • GeoSoft2 configurable and EtherSound™ (network) controllable
  • Exceptional LF and SubBass (33Hz– 250Hz) output from single, 18" with directivity controlled by twin 12" side mounted loudspeakers
  • Advanced Hyper-cardioid LF control from unique, twin, 12" active, side-mounted resistors
  • Less than 80Kg (per box) with ergonomic, elegant, flying and stage-stackable rigging system

Specifications with NX242 TDController & NXtension Card

Nexo GEO SUB Directional Sub-bass Array Diagram

Frequency Response[a]: 38 Hz – 300
Usable Range @-6dB[a]: 35 Hz – 500 Hz
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m[b]: 103dB SPL Nominal
Peak SPL @ 1m[b]: 140-143 dB Peak
Dispersion[c]: Cardioid pattern over the entire useable bandwidth (two channels of the NX242 are used for the process)
Directivity Index[c]: Q = 3.4 & DI = 5.3 dB over the entire useable bandwidth
Crossover Frequencies: X-Over Mode = 75 Hz active
Overlap Mode = 300 Hz through NX242 Digital TDcontroller
Nominal Impedance 2 x 8Ω
Recommended Amplifiers: 2 amplifier channels are required for directional operation, each rated at 1000 to 2000-w into 8Ω per channel
Connectors: 2x NL4MP SPEAKON
4-pole (in & through)
Net Weight: 86kg
Construction: Baltic birch ply with structured black coating.
Front finish: Molded Dark, Grey Metal Grille.
Flying points: Integral flying system
Intercabinet angle adjustments = 0.2°, 0.315°, 0.5°, 0.8°; 1.25°, 2.0°, 3.15°, 5°, 6.3°, 8.0°, 10.0° (logarithmic steps)
  • [a] Response curves and data: anechoic far field above 400 Hz, half-space anechoic below 400 Hz. Usable range data: frequency response capability with TD crossover slopes removed.
  • [b] Sensitivity & peak SPL: will depend on spectral distribution. Measured with band limited pink noise. Refers to the specified +/- 3 dB range. Data are for speaker + processor + recommended amplifier combinations.
  • [c] Directivity curves and data: 1/3 octave smoothed frequency response, normalized to on-axis response. Data obtained by computer processing of off-axis response curves.
  • [d] Please refer to the user manual.

Nexo GEO SUB Directional Sub-bass Dimension Diagram

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